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WHO claims restrictions for electronic cigarettes
Latest press-release of World Health Organization contains appeal to authorities of world countries to prohibit on legislative level consumption of electronic cigarettes...
About tobacco
In 2009 USA government has set a goal of reducing percent of smokers in the country and has adopted law that increases tax on cigarettes.
On Norwegian railroad stations smoking appeared to be outside the law
From September 1st 2014 on all objects of Norwegian railroad infrastructure will be strictly prohibited all types of smoking.
Experts: Electronic cigarettes cannot be recommended to people who quit smoking
Experts tell that doctors should think twice before recommending smokers switching to electronic cigarettes.
Why smoking in airplane is prohibited
Ban for smoking in public places is serious problem for many smokers. Someone decides to quit smoking under the influence of appeared difficulties but someone obstinately follows it even experiencing inconveniences.
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WHO claims restrictions for electronic cigarettes
Latest press-release of World Health Organization contains appeal to authorities of world countries to prohibit on legislative level consumption of electronic cigarettes...
About tobacco
In 2009 USA government has set a goal of reducing percent of smokers in the country and has adopted law that increases tax on cigarettes.
On Norwegian railroad stations smoking appeared to be outside the law
From September 1st 2014 on all objects of Norwegian railroad infrastructure will be strictly prohibited all types of smoking.
Experts: Electronic cigarettes cannot be recommended to people who quit smoking
Experts tell that doctors should think twice before recommending smokers switching to electronic cigarettes.
Why smoking in airplane is prohibited
Ban for smoking in public places is serious problem for many smokers. Someone decides to quit smoking under the influence of appeared difficulties but someone obstinately follows it even experiencing inconveniences.
Norwegian Cruise Line introduces ban on smoking with penalty 250 USD
Another cruise company has introduced ban on smoking on the boards of its liners.
Egyptian government has doubled excise tax on cigarettes and wine
Egyptian authorities have sharply increased excise tax on cigarettes, beer and wine and taxes on alcohol were increased twice, informs BBC.
Authorities of Ireland urge to increase price on cigarettes twice and increase tax on beverages with
Minister of Health of Ireland has announced plans to increase price on cigarettes twice.
In Latvia cigarettes will be sold only to persons who reached 21 years
The right of non-smokers for fresh, uncontaminated air is more important than smokers' rights...
Cigarettes do not attract Poles anymore
Number of Poles that smoke cigarette reduced significantly.
Scientists want to prohibit cigarette filters
American filters from San Diego University offer to prohibit cigarette filters that are not biodegradable.
Smoking disturbs taste perception of sweet and greasy food
Obese smoking women, possibly, have reduced perception of greasy and sweet tastes.
Scientists have determined that cigarettes will not help loosing excessive weight
Scientists have determined that cigarettes do not help loosing excessive weight.
Proved: smoking bans bring positive results
Summarizing data of 11 researches made in different countries after introducing legislative bans on smoking in public places...
In Israel are going to prohibit electronic cigarettes. Part 2
Research has shown that in many cases discrepancy of nicotine content with originally declared and also nicotine presence in cartridges that have been declared as containing no nicotine.
In Israel are going to prohibit electronic cigarettes. Part 1
Ministry of Health has prepared draft of decree that prohibits sale of portative electronic steam generators, known as "electronic cigarettes" and fillers for them. It was declared on March 31st.
Only ignorant people consider that electronic cigarettes are less dangerous - conclusions of America
In the article of American scientists published in JAMA Network are specified data of research about electronic cigarette that put in question many popular myths.
Arnold Schwarzenegger made picture of cigar with "No smoking" plate as background
Ex-governor of California has published on his page in social network picture on which he is standing with cigar in hand with plate "Welcome to our tobacco free campus" on the background.
Ban for smoking in restaurants will influence visitors?
In Russian Federation from 1st June 2014 smoking will be prohibited in all caterings, including coffee-terraces.
5 interesting facts about cigars
On February 24th in Havana began International Festival of Cuban cigars (Habanos Cigar Festival).
Cuban cigars have been sold for 1.1 million USD
Six luxurious humidors with Cuban cigars have been sold for more than 1.1 million USD on gala concert on the occasion of closing The XVI annual Cigar Festival in Havana.
USA switches to marijuana smoking
As of yet, Colorado is the only state that had legalized marijuana manufacturing and sale for leisure and pleasure.
Selver Market in Estonia has placed cigarettes in the baskets from which they might be taken by chil
In the market Anne Selver in Tartu, Estonia market worker has paced cigarettes in the place accessible for small child.
Israel, Eilat: inspector was beat up because of penalty for smoking
Attack against municipal inspector took place after he has given a ticket to infringers for smoking cigarettes in public place.
Czech Republic: cigarette will deliver postmen
While Czech Republic government is starting up unprecedented anti-nicotine campaign, Czech Republic Postal Service sells cigarettes in its offices and even compels postmen to this.
Dubek: Israeli tobacco concern reduces prices on popular brands of its cigarettes. Part 2
Let's talk about popular cigarette brands of Dubek Company, prices on which have reduced.
Dubek: Israeli tobacco concern reduces prices on popular brands of its cigarettes. Part 1
Year has just begun but prices on cigarettes have grown up again.
Cigarettes make people lazy
Brazilian scientists from Londrina State University have found out that smokers are more lazy and less motivated than people who don't have this vicious habit, writes The Health Site.
French court has equaled electronic cigarette to usual
From now when electronic cigarettes will be able to sell only licensed sellers an on them will be applied the same restrictions in advertisement as on sellers of usual tobacco.
In USA bar owner has shot down a singer because of cigarette
Bar owner in Nashville (Tennessee State) because of cigarette has shot down local celebrity - country singer.
Man in Saudi Arabia has divorced with his wife because of cigarette
Saudi Arabia is one of the most conservative countries of the world - takes one of the first places in number of divorces.
It is planned to prohibit sale of electronic cigarettes in Latvia
On November 21st 2013 during the meeting of state secretaries have been considered and further sent for confirmation in the government amendments to the Law about restriction of sale, advertising and use of tobacco products...
More and more teenagers switch to electronic cigarettes and hookah
More and more students of middle and senior school prefer electronic cigarettes and hookah according to new report of the Center of disease control and prevention (CDC).
Cigarettes cause male hair loss (alopecia)
Early hair loss has to do with smoking.
Local: In Italy will be allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes in public places
Italian legislators decided to review conditions of using electronic cigarettes in public places, writes The Local with reference to local mass media.
Business of electronic cigarettes in Estonia heads all the records. Part 5
There will not be any smoke.
Business of electronic cigarettes in Estonia heads all the records. Part 4
It is just beginning.
Business of electronic cigarettes in Estonia heads all the records. Part 3
One-sided relationship.
Business of electronic cigarettes in Estonia heads all the records. Part 2
Water steam instead of smoke.
Business of electronic cigarettes in Estonia heads all the records. Part 1
Boom conditions. Every month thousands of smokers switch to electronic cigarettes.
Smoking pipes or cigarettes?
To compare pipe and cigarettes is like compare vodka and wine. Cigarettes are a way of satisfying nicotine necessity of dependent person.
Minister of Health of Israel recommends prohibiting electronic cigarettes
From the beginning electronic cigarettes were invented for helping people avoiding nicotine dependence, however for today Ministry of Health of Israel considers them harmful for health as well as usual cigarettes.
In Europe Menthol cigarettes have been prohibited
It came to knowledge that European Union authorities have offered so called "crusade" directed against smoking.
Electronic cigarettes
One of the most popular editions in medicine area, Canadian Medical Association Journal supposes that in the nearest future Canadian youth can yield to drug addiction.
"Arsenal" halfback was shot with cigarette in mouth
"Gunners'" tutor Arsene Wenger intends to raise awareness of Jack Wilshere.
In Estonia electronic cigarettes want to equal to tobacco products
Estonian Health fund has offered the Minister of Social Affairs of the country to equal electronic cigarettes to tobacco products and prohibit their advertising and smoking in public places.
Prisoners in England will be left without cigarettes. Part 2
Rights activist have already stated that new ban will be additional torture for prisoners.
Prisoners in England will be left without cigarettes. Part 1
Prisoners in England in the nearest future can be left without cigarettes.
Cigarettes in Bulgaria will rise in price by 30 %
In Bulgaria pack of the most popular cigarettes of middle class will increase in price in average by 1-12 lev because of new minimal excise tax rates that introduces European Union.
Will slims cigarettes be prohibited in Europe?
On September 10th in Euro Parliament had to be taken decision about directive of tobacco products...
On Hawaiian beaches will be introduced smoking ban
On Hawaiian Islands from January 1st 2014 is introduced ban for smoking on beaches and also in the parks, pools and bus stations.
European cigarette will rise in price
Central Union of business life of European Committee offers to substitute model of tax imposition on cigarettes.
In Australia will be introduced card on cigarettes
Australian authorities have invented new way of smoking control.
Scientists: frightening pictures on packs make cigarettes tasteless
Cigarettes in similar dark-brown packs with repulsive pictures that warn about smoking consequences began to appear in Australia in September 2012, but from December 1st sale of cigarettes in other packs was prohibited.
From July 15th new price increase is expected for French smokers
France is not going to cede its' first place in Europe in high prices on tobacco products.
Cigarettes will tell about smoking harm
Specialists of University of Stirling in Scotland have developed "speaking" cigarette packs.
Cigarettes as medicine: how was smoking promoted 50 years ago
Struggle with smoking for the last decades has reached unbelievable scales...
Ministers of 27 countries have prohibited flavored cigarettes
Ministers of Health of all 27 countries-members of European Union have agreed to introduce full ban on menthol and other flavored cigarettes.
In Great Britain electronic cigarettes will be equaled to medicines
Because of tightening regulation of nicotine containing products, electronic analogs of usual cigarettes was offered to sort as medicines that don't allow doctor's prescription.
Will electronic cigarette be prohibited from June 2013 in Russia?
With new anti-tobacco law that comes into force in Russia many people are interested if it will be allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes and hookah.
Do electronic cigarettes help quitting smoking?
We all know that cigarettes are harmful. However, 45 million of Americans have this habit.
Slims gives up on cigarettes. Part 2
Carlos Slims and Philip Morris are old partners.
Slims gives up on cigarettes. Part 1
The richest man in the world Carlos Slim leaves tobacco business.
Do menthol cigarettes influence potency?
It is twice more difficult for smokers of menthol cigarette to refuse smoking.
Tax on cigarette in Israel was increased to 278 %
In the night of 8 May have been increased excise taxes on tobacco products.
Only 21 years old New York dwellers will be able to buy cigarettes
As infringement upon freedom and democracy New York dwellers have perceived offer of City Council to increase minimum age from which Americans can buy cigarettes from 18 to 21 years, informs NY Times.
About Parliament cigarettes. Part 2
Already at the beginning of 1940th Parliament brand has taken high positions on USA market.
About Parliament cigarettes. Part 1
Parliament cigarettes is manufactured by world famous Company Philip Morris that was established in 1847 by cigar Seller Philip Morris in form of small shop in London on Bond street.
Reducing smoking harm
Don't smoke if you don't want to.
Smoking ban. Part 2
Cuba From February 2005 was introduced ban on smoking in closed premises (shops, public transport etc.).
Smoking ban. Part 1
Australia. Smoking ban works inside airports, government agencies, and medical agencies and also in the workplace.
Interesting facts about smoking. Part 2
For the first time connection among smoking and increased possibility of lung cancer development have determined scientists from Nazi Germany.
Interesting facts about smoking. Part 1
As soon as tobacco was imported from USA to Europe, smoking started to be actively used as remedy for treating various diseases.
More than 70 countries will take part in the festival of Cuban cigars in Havana
Forum of current year is dedicated to cigar brands Montecristo and Partagаs.
Ukrainian authorities have extended ban on smoking in public places
In Ukraine came into force law that toughens smoking rules in public places.
Effectiveness of smoking control: experience of different countries. Part 2
So, Ireland in March 2004 was the first country that has introduced total ban on smoking in closed premises where work people and at the same time in public places, including restaurants, pubs, coffee shops.
Effectiveness of smoking control: experience of different countries. Part 1
Where in the world is the highest consumption of cigarettes per person?
It is possible that in Czech Republic will be prohibited alcohol sale in vending machines and smokin
Minister of Health of Czech Republic Leosh Heger has presented to journalists law about protecting population from tobacco, alcohol harm and other substances that cause dependence.
Electronic cigarettes poison air with substance that is harmful for lungs. Part 2
Experts from Institute have made series of researches about propylene glycol influence on group of volunteers that were placed in a room with eight cubic meters surface.
Electronic cigarettes poison air with substance that is harmful for lungs. Part 1
Till present moment researchers had difficulties in answering how harmful electronic cigarettes are for smokers.
Latvia wants to follow Australian example
Latvia has to follow Australian example and sell cigarettes in unified packs without any logos - offers Yanis Upenieks, Latvian deputy.
Philippines President refuses to quit smoking
Philippines President Benigno Aquino is not going to quit smoking in spite of appeals of local association of medics, representative of the head of government Edwin Lacierda has informed.
Russia and USA: tobacco smoke control
Russian government has approved draft law that supposes beginning of massive smoking control.
Is that real that slims cigarettes will be prohibited in Europe?
Die Welt newspaper with reference to some documents of European Commission informs that European authorities are going to toughen up anti-tobacco legislation.
No smoking in the pubs anymore! How Irish people have went through smoking ban in public places. Par
Level of support - 95 %. Musicians that play on evenings are also glad about smoking ban in pubs.
No smoking in the pubs anymore! How Irish people have went through smoking ban in public places. Par
When smoke has blown away the premises, previously unknown smells have become apparent, and not only from kitchen but also from WC.
No smoking in the pubs anymore! How Irish people have went through smoking ban in public places. Par
What are Irish pubs? It is not just place where people can drink beer. They appeared like clubs for simple Irish people.
Passive smoking causes depression
Passive smoking not only harms lungs but also can further mood-worsening.
Doctors demand prohibiting smoking in the cars
Smoking inside the car puts in danger health of passengers as the air pollution exceeds safe level considerably.
12% increase of excise tax on cigarettes will be gradually divided for 2 years
Estonian government On September 25th has approved amendments to the Law about taxes on alcohol, tobacco, fuel and electricity...
Cigarettes with menthol are more dangerous than usual
Recent researches of Canadian doctors have shown that smoking of menthol cigarettes is twice dangerous than usual.
Eat cabbage after cigarette!
As it is known, smoking not only affects breathing passages and cardiovascular system but also weakens immunity significantly.
Cigarettes influence on sleep
If person smokes, it means that he sleeps less and the sleep itself doesn't guarantee that he will have a good sleep.
Marlboro manufacturer has lost action in Norway
Court in Oslo has dismissed the case of giant Philip Morris in Norway in which it asked to declare illegal prohibition for displaying cigarettes on shop windows.
Planning the future helps to quit smoking
Britain scientists have determined that oftener quit smoking those possessors of vicious habit who make plans for future.
In Lebanon is prohibited smoking in public places
In Lebanon came into force the law that prohibits smoking in public places, inform local mass-media.
European Union can require selling cigarettes without brand logos
European Commission works on toughening anti-tobacco legislation of European Union, including ban on using brand logos on cigarette packs...
Israelis switch from cigarettes to roll-ups
Decision of Israel government about tax increase on cigarettes has caused growth of demand on tobacco.
Egg yolks and cigarettes are the same harmful
Regular consumption of egg yolk is the same harmful for health as smoking is. Scientists from West Ontario University in Canada have found out that yolks further formation of plaque in arteries.
Koreans have introduced ban for smoking near antique monuments
In South Korea was prohibited smoking near antique monuments. In such a way, authorities intend to protect these buildings of fires.
What you cannot do in Europe anymore?
For the last half of year in Europe came into force list of laws that concern tourists directly.
Smoking leads to obesity. How cigarette "hits" the body.
Scientists have busted the myth that smoking furthers weight loss. In fact smokers, on the contrary gain extra kilograms.
Smoking monkey will be wean from cigarettes
Zoo workers of Indonesian city Surakarta in Central Java province decided to send one of their wards in convalescent center.
Almost 70 % of US citizens are against smoking on beaches - interrogation
More than 69 % of US citizens are supporters of smoking ban on beaches and approximately 89 % of Americans are against smoking at pools; indicate results of research made by popular tourist portal TripAdvisor.
One more Cruise Company introduces ban for smoking in cabins
Lately can noticed tendency among Cruise Companies of introducing ban on smoking in cabins.
RSA. Republic of South Africa may become first African country free of smoking
RSA authorities intend to prohibit smoking on stadiums, in parks, coffee shops and bars.
Way to quit smoking from Leonardo DiCaprio
Omnipresent paparazzi have caught Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio with cigarette in the mouth right on the shooting area during break between doubles.
Who works more, depends less on cigarettes
Increased working load reduces nicotine dependence of smokers and under stress influence they smoke less than usual, German scientists have proved.
South America/Venezuela/Government has resumed war with electronic cigarettes
Venezuelan government has resumed attack on electronic cigarettes that was initiated last year.
Deputies have not agreed to restrict duty free sale of cigarettes
Financial commission of Knesset was not able to approve on April 30th offer of Israeli Ministry of Finance about new taxes on tobacco products.
What pleasure smoker gets from cigarette?
Nicotine dependence perhaps is the most widespread in the world: in total smokes every second person on our planet.
Madonna-s daughter began to smoke
Paparazzi have taken pictures of the girl with cigarette in New York. Let's mark, that according to legislation in USA can smoke only persons that are elder than 18 years.
Authorities want to prohibit Californians to smoke on their farms
Small town Rocklin in California (USA) stand on the threshold of a big event.
Electronic cigarette has mutilated American
American has lost front teeth and half of tongue and also got burn on the face after lighting up electronic cigarette.
Czech Republic. Cigarettes rise in price again
Smokers will have to fork out once again. Ministry of finance prepares law draft about increasing during two years consumption tax on tobacco.
USA. Tax on cigarettes gives job and saves budget
Increase of tax on cigarettes in California will allow creating approximately 12 thousands of new working places and save about two billion USD, consider specialists from Californian University in San Francisco, USA.
Amazing way to quit smoking was invented by Indians
West supporters of population health have tries a lot of methods in order to make smokers think over sad consequences of tobacco smoking...
Have quitted smoking - won 10 million USD
Refusing cigarettes is advantageous both for health and wallet; all people know it and understand (but smoke).
Why smokers don-t like dentists?
Smokers not only have more problems with teeth and oral cavity but they also visit dentist many times rarely than non-smokers.
Scientists consider that nicotine chewing gum and patches are more effective in smoking control
If you smoke and decided to quit this vicious habit there is couple of news for you: good and bad.
In Sweden consumers of packaged tobacco powder are offended
Scandinavians are worried - new law that came into force in Sweden from January 1st, 2012, strikes a blow to self-respect of snuff tobacco consumers.
Lycopene and extract of grape seeds are able to make smoking less harmful
If you or somebody you know swarm to quit smoking, you have time and opportunity to change your mind.
Buenos Aires gets rid of tobacco smoke
Highly developed countries of South America, taking for a model their European "competitors", step by step tighten legislative screws in struggle with smoking in public places.
Smoking during pregnancy harms blood vessels of the fetus
Results of fresh research made by Holland scientists give to women that are interested in healthy children one more rational reason to quit smoking...
Spain quits smoking: 600 thousands of people have quitted smoking in 2011
On January 2nd 2011 on Spain Kingdom territory was introduced countrywide ban on smoking in premises with mass people stay.
Bulgarian smokers are preparing to difficult summer
From June 1st, 2012 in Bulgaria will be strictly prohibited smoking in all public places.
Smokers more than others risk hooking on cocaine
Scientists from Columbian University have detected among smokers high probability of cocaine dependence appearance.
Unfortunate Zimbabwe economy will save tobacco fields
Africans drink and smoke more and more because of impenetrable existence. That is why African population needs more and more cheap alcohol and tobacco.
Norway stiffens smoking ban in public places
Severe Scandinavian legislators have declared about their readiness to prohibit tobacco smoking in street coffee shops and restaurants...
Spa-tourism succeeds tobacco cultivation in Bulgaria
Bulgarian tourist boom made habitants of resort village Ognyanovo (on South-West of the country) to leave traditional...
In ex-husband-s despite Romanian divorced woman has taught her 2 years old daughter to smoke tobacco
Video, undersigned in Romanian, where crazy mother teaches small daughter to smoke cigarettes is already deleted from YouTube, but litigation that is related to appearance of this awful video in the Internet is just beginning.
Englishwoman has burnt with cigarette her stylish retro-styled hairdo
43 year old Sasha Butler, striking personality from small nice town, Hertfordshire county has made a hairdo in style of 1960th under the name "beehive".
Cigarettes advance in price in France
Smokers, who live in France one pack of cigarettes, will cost more from now on - average by 30 eurocents.
Vending machines selling cigarettes are prohibited in Great Britain
From now on it will be much difficult to buy prohibited product for Britain children.
Two Britain girls have developed genius design for cigarettes packs of future
Beauty saves the world but monstrosity saves lives. It is paradoxical but true.
It is proved that household air cleaners guard children from tobacco smoke
These devices that gain popularity rapidly in large cities, cost less or much less than wages, but they can bring a lot of advantage, providing that in one apartment live small child and at least one smoking adult.
Lebanon authorities have declared war to smokers and tobacco promoters
Beirut is on the verge of disorders and alarms that experience people that suffer from nicotine dependence when they are not allowed to take a dose of their "drug", i.e. to smoke cigarette, hookah or pipe.
In Australia will be prohibited to smoke in the cars if there are children inside
Responsible parents and simply normal people don't permit themselves such things; you'll tell and will be right.
Germans also want to smoke cigarettes with fright and disgust
German activists of tobacco smoking control wish to have on cigarette packs that are sold in their country images with lungs destroyed by tobacco smoke and putrid teeth.
"Quitting smoking" - is it easy?
For today there is no effective method to overcome nicotine dependence.
USA tobacconists refuse to place frightening pictures on cigarettes
Five large American tobacco Companies have files a suit on USA administration.
The cohort of non-smoking countries unexpectedly joined Nepal
Mountain republic with monarchical traditions in which necessity and pride are friends and where smoke one and all, virtually from the cradle, has declared of tobacco smoking ban in public places.
Pastilles are much toxic and harmful than cigarettes
American specialists have made researches that have shown that pastilles not only relax and spread pleasant scent but also are unhealthy.
More than on cigarettes, Indonesians spend money only on rice
According to Indonesian statisticians data urban poor spends 25 % of earnings on buying rice - main food, and 8 % on tobacco products, main drug.
For men is easier to quit smoking than for women
Research made in Great Britain has shown that for men as easier to quit smoking, although women have stronger wish to kick the habit.
Frenchmen buy up cases for cigarettes in order to hide shocking pictures
After on pack of cigarettes appeared terrible images about smoking harm, Frenchmen, massively buy up cases for cigarettes.
Philippine capital is getting rid of tobacco smoke
From July 1st in conurbation Big Manila comes into force ban on tobacco smoking.
Cigarettes in vending machines were substituted with books
Are you fighting with extra appetite? It is easier for smokers: this vicious habit - or rather, nicotine that enters the body - effectively suppresses hunger.
Anti-tobacco plot
There are a lot of programs with built in 25th frame - quasi reliable method for getting rid of nicotine dependence.
"Slow" smoke
Electronic cigarettes were invented in Hong Kong still in 2003.
How we are thrown smoke into eyes
Most popular ways to quit smoking are not the most effective.
In China have prohibited smoking in bars and restaurants. Part 2
In spite of anti-tobacco introductions population of Chinese town Yushi smoking is associated mostly with success and welfare.
In China have prohibited smoking in bars and restaurants. Part 1
In China leaves one third of all smokers of the world - more than 300 million people.
Anti-smoking front attacks electronic cigarettes
USA government plans to equate electronic cigarettes to tobacco products.
Scientists have named electronic cigarettes the most dangerous for health!
Five countries have already prohibited their use.
In November European Union will switch to new cigarettes
From November 17th of current year in all EU countries will be allowed to sell only self-extinguishing cigarettes.
Why hookah is more harmful than cigarettes?
Swedish doctors warn: smoking is harmful in any form.
More cigarettes - less sex
Fans of smoking after sex even don't imagine that this peculiar ritual that negatively influences further sexual life of both partners.
Cigarettes provoke diabetes among women
Medics all over the world have repeatedly declared about harm of tobacco smoking both for smokers and people around.
What to use to cut cigar and should you know about it?
Whatever cigar you acquire will have one end cut. If cigar is machine made of short filler, in this case as a rule, cigar is sold fully ready for smoking: its end is either already cut or incised or a notch is made in it or orifice.
Rat excrements in cigarettes
Berlin police and Customs have dealt a staggering blow to European "cigarette" mafia, Berliner Zeitung informs.
Cigarettes with low content of tar and nicotine
Researches show that cigarettes with low content of tar and nicotine are less harmful than other.
In your cigars appeared holes, what happened?
It means that cigars were infested with bugs-weevils that can easily make sieve of your favorite delicacies.
What else except brand and type cigar inscriptions on the package can tell you about? Part 3
100% Tobaco, 100% Tobacco, Tabac 100%, 100% Tabak, All Tobacco - it means that filler, binder and cover are integral.
What else except brand and type cigar inscriptions on the package can tell you about? Part 2
On tin cases, tubes and wooden boxes is present marking Made in Havana - Cuba. If on cardboard pack with Cuban cigars you will see "5 Habanos" - it means that the pack contains 5 Havana cigars.
What else except brand and type cigar inscriptions on the package can tell you about? Part 1
You will not find any machinery made cigar brand on the package of which to be printed: MACHINE-MADE.
What do the following words near brand name mean: Corona, Panatela, Lonsdale and other? Part 3
In a special category belong cigars so called figuradors. Below you will find classic, typical categories from this group.
What do the following words near brand name mean: Corona, Panatela, Lonsdale and other? Part 2
Often cigar manufacturers give to their cigars their own names. For this are used names of planets, jewels, names of famous persons, geographical names, figures, epithets and so on.
What do the following words near brand name mean: Corona, Panatela, Lonsdale and other? Part 1
Each cigar brand, as a rule, has several types - sometimes they number up to few tens (for example, Cuban Partagas - more than 60).
Cigars sale. Part 2
Cigar form and length doesn't almost affect its flavor and character. The longer cigar is, the longer you may stay in its society.
Cigars sale. Part 1
In theory such situation can be imagined but in fact it is unlikely that we will find the bean at the cake. All sellers of this elite product treat it with respect and by tight or wrong try to sell it quickly and at maximum price.
Smoking. Interesting statistics
The most (according to quantity of persons) people smoke in China. It is understandable as they are many there in general.
Cigarette pack still misinforms buyers
Scientists consider that existing legislation wasn't able to dispose the problem of misinforming cigarettes buyers with the help of package.
Bavarian bars were allowed to smoke
In February 2008 German parliament has prohibited smoking in public places. But in August 2009 smokers' were given some kind of easing of restrictions.
In Japan were introduced cards for cigarettes
From 2008 in Japan is possible to buy cigarettes only having special card with owner's age encoded in it.
In a year can become obligatory self-extinguishing cigarettes
If European Parliament will approve standard of fire safety requirements self-extinguishing cigarettes will become mandatory in all countries of European Union from next November.
In Spain were arrested contraband cigarettes
In Spain took place the biggest operation on counterfeit cigarettes confiscation in the history of the country.
Smoking and crime
Price increase on cigarettes will push law-abiding Germans into smugglers' arms. In Germany came into force measures specified by governmental "economy plan"
In Finland came into force the strictest law in the world about smoking
In Finland came into force the strictest law in the world that restricts smoking. From now on in the country it is categorically prohibited to sell or pass in any other way tobacco products to persons that are younger than 18 years old.
Latvian Seim decided to increase prices on cigarettes
On October 14th, Latvian Seim has approved increase of excise tax on tobacco.
Anti-tobacco advertisement with sexual undertone has created a scandal in France
Anti-tobacco advertisement that exploits theme of minors' compulsion to oral sex became reason of high-profile scandal in France, inform Associated Press.
White cigarette packs kill desire to smoke. Part 2
Prior to adopting such a law New Zealand scientists at colleagues' request from Australia have hold an opinion poll among local teenagers.
White cigarette packs kill desire to smoke. Part 1
Experiment that took place in one of New Zealand provinces ordered by scientists from neighboring Australia hasn't succeeded in whole...
Facts about cigarettes
In USA quantity of smoking women (22 per cent) approaches to quantity of smoking men (35 per cent) very closely.
Smoke gracefully
Do we desire it or not but smoking became an attribute of our life. We will not talk about its benefits or harm, but will talk about rules that every smoker should comply with.
How cowboy has pressed the duke. Marlboro brand history. Part 3
Marlboro sales just for a year have grown so much that they began to take fourth position in rating of all tobacco products.
How cowboy has pressed the duke. Marlboro brand history. Part 2
Image cigarettes advertising that now looks blasphemous became history: Cigarettes with filter that were Marlboro as well were taken by consumers exclusively as ladies cigarettes, however after terrible discovery of doctors such appearance of cigarettes started to look more save for consumer.
How cowboy has pressed the duke. Marlboro brand history. Part 1
For the first time Marlboro brand appeared in 1924 and was positioned as first cigarettes for ladies. During these years the fact of selling cigarettes to women was a culture shock like if now special cigarettes would be produced for babies.
Feminism flag
As the male market was quite competitive was decided to "work" with women. For designing cardboard pack of Lucky Strike green color popular among American women was specially chosen.
Lucky Strike. Tobacco lucky
Lucky Strike brand history has begun in XIX. In the famous "tobacco" staff Virginia in 1871 R.A. Patterson Company has registered it for selling... not, no cigarettes, they will be invented later.
Humidors. How to store cigars
In order for cigar to keep its flavor during long time it must be stored in appropriate conditions. Real cigar connoisseurs compare them with women because cigars must be nourished and cherished like woman and also cigars are very capricious.
Humidor for Aficionado
Do you consider yourself real Aficionado? Don't you imagine your life without cigars? Than you just need humidor.
Humidor for cigars
Fans of cigar smoking often face problem that cigar is either over-dried or has become damp. To restore cigar will help you humidor.
Tobacco: Starbuzz. Tobacco is grown not only on East
America, America, the country of capitalism that has won socialism. But in the breaks between strikes, voting for president and skirmishes in Harlem quarters America, also smokes hookah and manufacturers tobacco.
How to buy a good hookah. Part 5
Bottom part. Bottom part, alias flask, alias vase and so on - it is the base of hookah. Usually this part of hookah is made either of glass or of metal.
How to buy a good hookah. Part 4
Hose The hose, alias flexible mouthpiece or pipe is one of the main hookah components that is why when choosing it you have to be vigilant.
How to buy a good hookah. Part 3
Saucer Saucer is also a useful thing. It is possible to smoke hookah without it as well, but with it is better: 1. Saucer will hold scattered coal and tobacco;
How to buy a good hookah. Part 2
Cap It is thing that has huge practical importance: 1. It prevents sparks spreading while lighting up at home special quickly-ignitable coal;
How to buy a good hookah. Part 1
Destination. First thing with which you have to decide on when choosing hookah is its destination. Here can be a lot of variants.
Hookahs harmfulness test
In the internet often are met expressions about hookah's harmfulness. However, practically all expressions are grounded on internal sensations or personal opinions.
Somewhat about hookah. Part 2
Smoke is going down through narrow hookah's neck and with bubbles goes back up, going through water. In India, where hookah was born, it was poured in empty coco nut.
Somewhat about hookah. Part 1
Do you know why hookah has such a long neck? The reason is that it is higher than pipes, cigars and, of course, cigarettes. When it has first appeared in Asia Minor, love to it began to increase very quickly.
Pakistan hookahs. Part 3
In order to draw the hookah, while placing tobacco in the ling, at the same time draw the air through the pipe.
Pakistan hookahs. Part 2
After you have convinced in resistance to air passage of your hookah and have managed to make the acquaintance with it a little, decide through what you wish to smoke it.
Pakistan hookahs. Part 1
Did you know that word hookah (huqqa) according to Pakistan dictionary Urdu is of Persian origin and in the old days it meant small pot where Orient women stored their valuables and perfumes?
Hookah. Background. Part 3
After manager has filled with water hookah bottom and has tied round bronze mouth, cup and pipe, he gives it to Customer.
Hookah. Background. Part 2
Istanbul, Turkey In Turkey hookah is integral part of social and political life and it is considered one of the biggest pleasures in life.
Hookah. Background. Part 1
One of the oldest and consolidated traditions in Turkey is hookah smoking; both women and men delight smoking of this water pipe.
Hookah and health. Part 3
In the meanwhile, we will note that casual hookah smokers, but they make majority of its lovers don't have tobacco or nicotine dependence.
Hookah and health. Part 2
In hookah smoke is cooled, passing through the water, cooling is accompanied with filtering. Smoke from hookah, free of such substances as acrolein and aldehydes...
Hookah and health. Part 1
Tobacco smoke influence on smoker's organism was repeatedly considered from many positions. However, there were no researches about smoke influence that passes through water filter as hookah.
About hookah tobacco. Part 2
During attempts of sheesha smoking, Egyptians in no way could get stable tobacco quality of necessary consistency, in such a way they failed to imitate Ottoman.
About hookah tobacco. Part1
Maasel is diversity of tobacco used for hookah smoking. Its is tobacco mixture from different countries, prepaid with treacle adding, received from cane and other additions, gives special taste and aroma.
What is a hookah. Part 4
Hookah or cigarette? There are evident advantages of hookah as compared to cigarette: In the room where hookah is smoked is nice aroma.
What is a hookah. Part 3
Fashion for hookah? Hookah is not just beautiful on its own; it can give delight from smoking process. Those who have tried to smoke hookah at least once, for sure will desire to acquire it for themselves.
What is a hookah. Part 2
Which tobacco is smoked through hookah? Tobacco for hookah is produced in many countries of the world, but the best tobacco, as before delivers Egypt.
What is a hookah. Part 1
Hookah is a device for tobacco smoking, a pipe with water filter and long flexible shank. Hookah smoking is usual occupation in cafe and restaurants throughout the Middle East.
Guillotine. Part 2
Cigar guillotine or small guillotine has one or two blades made of hardened steel. Exist table guillotines and pocket.
Guillotine. Part 1
At present moment no cigar lover can go without this accessory with frightening at first sight name. So, what is guillotine and what for is it necessary?
Another 10 reasons to smoke cigarettes
As the phrase goes everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Or not, wrong - "everything is useful moderately!" "The many people, the many opinions"...
Cigars. Part 3
Havana cigars will help you feel real aroma and to go to the top of expensive cigar sorts. Cuban cigars and Cohiba cigars is necessary to start smoking only after light sorts of cigars.
Cigars. Part 2
Cuban cigars are recognized as the most refined and the most popular cigars. Their superiority over other cigars is not clearly defined, and may be that special Cuban climate and manufacturing masters' gold hands make them so attractive for tobacco smoking admires.
Cigars. Part 1
Cigar - Spanish tobacco leaf rolled in pipe for smoking. Nobody knows for sure when and from where appeared cigars. Something similar to modern cigar had ancient Indians Maya but later also Caribbean aborigines
How tobacco appeared. Part 2
In Russia tobacco history has for certain begun during Romanov Emperors government. And namely from 17th century. First from Romanov Emperors Alexei treated tobacco with big disapproval.
How tobacco appeared. Part 1
It is difficult to determine from which moment exactly the history of tobacco smoking begun.
Smoking maybe is one of the reasons of World War II
Adolph Hitler personality became lately a kind of token money in confrontation among atheists and believers.
Myths and facts about nicotine
Fact: Nicotine arouses smoking addiction. Each smoker who tried to quit smoking can tell after own experience how difficult is without cigarettes during long period of time.
About cigarettes
Cigarettes are one of the most sold products in the world, but tobacco production is the most profitable. First cigarettes were invented by Indians.
Menthol cigarettes addiction
New research done by senior staff scientist Kunal Gandhi from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey...
2 glasses of red wine a day can indemnify the smoking process
Thanks to its powerful antioxidative properties, red wine is capable to reduce danger of a cancer of lungs at smokers.
Cigarettes will not help you loosing weight
As it is known, smoking women try to explain the unwillingness to get rid of this addiction by the danger of overweight.
Smoking ban in Israeli army
The Judge Advocate General of Israeli army was asked to watch the realization of the smoking ban on military bases.
Noventa cigars are created in honor of Carlos Torano Company
In honor of Carlos Torano company, which celebrated its 90th birthday, Noventa cigars were created. Cigars, which confirm once again high standards of Torano family.
Chinese authorities turn against TV smokers
The authorities of China, where there are 350 mln. smokers, decided to reduce tobacco consumption.
Insurance companies of the Czech Republic pay their clients for the attempts to quit smoking
Leading Czech medical insurance companies plan to support the attempts of their clients to quit smoking.
Insurance companies of the Czech Republic pay their clients for the attempts to quit smoking
Leading Czech medical insurance companies plan to support the attempts of their clients to quit smoking.
DUNHILL cigarettes
The traditions of DUNHILL Tobacco House originate in 1907, when Alfred Dunhill opened his own store at the outstanding district of London Saint James on Duke Street.
The export of Uno Virginia Slims to Singapore
Philip Morris Ijora began the producing of Uno Virginia Slims cigarettes in innovational format for Russian market in February 2007.
The main smokers of the world
According to the results of the poll, carried out in some dozens of countries at all continents, it was possible to find out in what countries people smoke most of all.
Cigarettes for youth
In spring, Russian economical Mass Media discussed the beginning of the price war, unleashed as they by British American Tobacco and supported by Philip Morris with its new cigarette brand Trend.
Coffee and cigarettes
Someone likes to drink a morning cup of coffee with a cigarette, another prefers biscuits or croissant. James Hoffman became the world champion among barista, who proved that blending of all these flavors and aromas gives the best espresso.
The story of smoking
During antiquity smoking considered to be a sacral ritual, prerogative of esoteric.
Why we start smoking
First of all, stereotype of adult man smoker has been aroused in the society. If all the men around the child (relatives, acquaintances) are smokers, it is a standard as he sees it.
Marlboro will launch smokeless tobacco
Philip Morris considers snus as a cigarette alternative. The packet should keep Marlboro taste causing no harm to health.
10 reasons to smoke cigarettes.
Smoking helps to relax ...
Lipstick will help to quit smoking
Lip balms will help to refuse smoking and will attract mens attention. Lipstick contains extracts of herbs.
Smoking in taxi was banned
Istanbul authorities adopted new law which bans smoking in municipal taxi both for passengers and drivers.
Cigarettes for Eastern Europe
I suppose that tobacco giants may refuse from developing of small European factories by covering up the sales volumes at the expense of Russian export...
Drop of nicotine makes the horse come out of depression
If you are seized with heaviness but you dont smoke, if may be helped by a nicotine.
Eurocomission will file a charge against France because of law prices on cigarettes.
Eurocomissiom decided to file a charge against France in European Court of Justice...
Swiss invented smokeless cigarettes
Chain smokers, who were disappointed of all-around smoking bans and absence of places where smokes may puff a cigarette, may cheer up soon. In Switzerland were invented cigarettes, which you can smoke in places where smoking is banned, as they dont produce harmful smoke for others.
Ceremonial tobacco will be allowed on Missoula school campuses
The strict tobacco-free status of Missoulas public schools may soon allow a spiritual exception.
Why should Europe wait for "fire safer cigarettes"?
Campaigners for the introduction of so called "fire safer cigarettes" have complained of an "unnecessary reluctance" to bring them to Europe.
Health Department Checks Whether Stores Sell Tobacco To Minors
An arm of Metro government took its anti-smoking program into the stores of Nashville on Saturday. Its called the Reward and Reminder part of the health department. It helps ensure that retailers do not sell tobacco products to minors.

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